Recordando a Guillermo Benites

El legendario presentador del noticiero de Univision 23, Guillermo Benites, murió este sábado. “Nos entristece su muerte y deseamos asegurarles nuestro apoyo a su familia y amigos.” – Brandon Benavides, Presidente de NAHJ Nacido en Buenos Aires, tuvo una exitosa carrera; llegó a Estados Unidos en 1968, y después de un tiempo con la [...]

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A Year End Message from our ED

Happy Holidays NAHJ Familia, As we get close to ending the year, I wanted to take this time to provide you with a “NAHJ Year End Report” by sharing some important highlights of 2016 as well as providing more details of what you can expect from us in 2017 as we focus on the four [...]

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Next Gen Initiatives

We checked in with Leslie-Anne Frank, who has been NAHJ’s Director of Programs for three years, on her changing role with the organization. NAHJ: Tell us about your new responsibilities as Director of Next Gen Initiatives. LAF: I’m very excited about how my position at NAHJ is evolving! We’re building in more support for [...]

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2016 Digital Media Highlights

These campaigns make up our digital voice supporting our celebration of Latino journalists. Please note that all analytics and numbers are entirely organic E-Noticias We have adjusted the monthly newsletter format to be reflective of the NAHJ brand, visually engaging and crucial to our awareness as a membership association made adjustments to be aware [...]

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